Classic Spanish non-drip glass oil bottle

First of all, Classic Spanish non-drip glass oil bottle, you have up to three different sizes and,

Two different models of table oil can, classic model and Gondola model, therefore,

These Classic Spanish non-drip glass oil bottle are made of lead-free glass used in laboratories, so,

Its polish, thickness and purity are superior to other crystals used in

the industry that are mostly made in Asia.


Our glass tabletop oil bottles include a practical anti-drip spout made of the same material in which,

These glass anti-drip oil bottles the base of the spout is polished by hand,

they have a channel to recover the oil and,

its ends are completely hand-polished to a perfect fit.

These oil bottles were designed by a catalonio designer and they are made entirely in Spain for Simón Selección, finally,

Its glass bases are made with an extra thickness,

to prevent breakage in accidental drops and their collars are also ground for an optimal fit.