Kitchen knives and accessories

In the first place, Simón kitchen knives and accessories, refers to the Simón PRO Forjado, Simón PRO Micarta and Simón Damascus Japan brands. Therefore,

These kitchen knives are made of forged steel or Sandvik damascus steel, hand hammered, with balanced Japanese classic handles, with blades with symmetrical or asymmetric recess. So,

If you want to buy knives with Japanese chestnut wood handles, wenge wood and ebony wood or water buffalo horn bolsters, these are ideal. Then

The best kitchen knives in integral forged steel without welding can be found in the Simón PRO Forjado series of chef’s knives and also,

In our series of kitchen knives Simón PRO Micarta sharpened by hand with their rounded and polished edges of the blade, and with a leather sheath included. To end,

Kitchen knives and accessories such as knife roll bag, sharpening steels, kitchen scissors, Japanese wetstones, close the section.