Simón kitchen scissors and masticator

First of all, Simón kitchen scissors and masticator, we offer both scissors for cleaning fish and cutting meat and vegetables. Therefore,

Within the forged stainless steel kitchen scissors that we work with, you will find two different models in two different sizes, with which,

In the top range of scissors, you will find kitchen scissors with a screw-and-nut system that prevent the scissors from deforming. Too,

We have scissors to carve poultry like poulards, chickens or other smaller polurty that have a curved blade and a notch to cut bones, so,

If you want to buy Simón kitchen scissors and masticator for all kinds of food, here you will find the largest assortment available on the market. To end,

We have in stock a stainless steel meat masticator, designed to finish the digestion of meat of elderly people or those with a few months of life.

This masticator is designed to cut grilled meat or chicken fillets into strips, so that the person who eats it does not have to chew almost anything.