Simón Master kitchen scissors large


Simón large size kitchen scissors Master model made of forged stainless steel with nut system with lock nut with extra thick integral handles in one piece and fine blade with micro serrated on the edge. Made in Albacete, Spain

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Simón Master large size kitchen scissors stainless Steel

These Simón Master large size kitchen scissors stainless Steel have a total size of 21 centimeters and are suitable for cutting fish, cutting small poultry bones and fillets for chicken or lamb, pizza or any type of food. Its micro-millimeter toothing guarantees the best grip on hard food, and its forward axis increases the force exerted on the cut to make precise cuts with little effort. They are valid for generic uses including packaging or any necessary use in the kitchen.

Please visit our family of kitchen knives and Spanish steak knives and forks and chop knives with ivory-colored linen micarta handles in integral forged steel as well as the typical Madrid-style crescent-shaped chops to cut ribs and bones of cow, lamb or similar of excellent quality with polished edges and sharpened entirely by hand with ceramic wetstones.

Remember that we have in our online catalog our Spanish web page marine folding knives for boats to untie knots, cut ropes or tighten and loosen ship shackle keys made of tempered stainless steel with smooth or mixed-edge serrated blades with solid forged punches with lock. 


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Make of: Integral stainless steel forged.
Width in oval: 75 millimeters.
Total length: 209 millimeters.
Weight: 231 grams.
Warranty: 25 years.


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