Micarta knives

First of all, in micarta knives, we have kitchen knives from our Simón PRO Micarta series and steak knives made with forged steel rods. Therefore,

If you want to have a kitchen or table knife both to chop vegetables on the cutting board and to cut meat and fish and eat at the table, we recommend these knives. Due,

Our series of knife with micarta handle offers an excellent grip thanks to its construction with ivory colored micarta handles, therefore,

There are models to peel potatoes, bone poultry, cut ham, carve cooked meat or poultry, cut cheese, remove the skins from fish or eat meat. as a result,

Some excellent kitchen knives with leather sheath and table knives that cover all the necessary uses that are needed to cook and eat at the table, therefore,

Buy forged kitchen knives and Simón PRO Designo and you will have kitchen and table knives for life, all you have to do is sharpen them.

Probably, The best Simón forged kitchen knives and classic steak knives made of integral forged steel and tempered steel made in Spain