Fluted official ham knife Simón PRO Micarta


Simón PRO Micarta knife to cut ham with large Blade fluted from the series of Simon kitchen knives forged with a micarta in Ivory color handle with a leather cover included in black leather. Hand sharpened with a double ceramic whetstone.

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Fluted official slicer ham knife Simón PRO Micarta

Fluted official slicer ham knife model from the Simón PRO Micarta series of knives made of authentic forged steel with a redesigned handle for a slightly thicker better grip and also a reinforced blade. Don’t miss out on our ceramic sharpeners to keep your kitchen knives sharp!

So, this Simón PRO Micarta ham slicing knife is served at no extra cost with a black stitched leather sheath ideal for transport or protection when stored in a drawer.

It belongs to our series of kitchen knives made entirely in Albacete by our company. Fluted cutting blade so that it slides better when you are going to cut the ham and the food does not stick to the knife blade. And,

The importance of a good Iberian ham

Acorn-fed Iberian ham is one of the best products of Spanish gastronomy, therefore, a quality product is achieved thanks to the work that goes into each piece, the breed, if possible 100% Iberian, the food,

what it eats natural pastures and acorns in the pasture (where the holm oaks are found, the fruit of which is the acorn), the cutting, carried out in a prestigious slaughterhouse, the salting and subsequent curing.

In total, we spend up to seven years from when the Iberian pig is born until we can taste this exquisite delicacy, but what happens once we decide to buy an Iberian pork ham or shoulder? Therefore,


The three key products, ham holder, ham knife and ceramic sharpener

in most cases due to lack of experience when cutting it, so it can cause us to taste a totally different product than if we were to taste it cut with a good ham knife and having some basic notions for cutting it.

A very thick or large cut can result in a loss of quality when eating it, since it is not only necessary to take into account the quality of the ham on the shoulder, but also that the cut is essential to be able to taste all the flavors and nuances of the product.

The ham cutting knife is characterized by having an elongated blade, ideally 30 centimeters, professionals and amateurs who want to cut the ham with precision usually use honeycombed blades so that it does not stick to the knife, it has its importance but, most importantly is that it is very well sharpened by hand to get a clean cut in each slice.

thirdly, the sharpening: Very important to keep the knife blade always sharp.

With these three utensils we should be able to at least be able to use ourselves when cutting a ham, but, once we have the materials and the ham, the next question comes.

And so where do I start the ham?

The first thing that we are going to take into account is the time it takes to consume the product, the consumption and the time that a household needs to consume an Iberian ham is not the same as the time that a professional may take, is for They say that if the consumption is at home, we advise starting with the stifle (narrow part) with this we will ensure that the product does not dry out, which would be catastrophic for the quality of the product.


Conditions of use and maintenance:

Do not cut bones, frozen or shellfish. For these uses, use half-moon kitchen knife. If they were soft bird bones, they could be cut. They may have nicks on the cut surface but are repairable. We guarantee all our forged knives against cracks or breakage for life. So,

To maintain your Simón PRO Micarta knives, dry them with a cloth if you put them in the dishwasher after washing, this way you will never have problems with stains on the steel. Aggressive washing can damage the cutting edge or scratch the blades. Rinse the blade after each use with warm water and dish soap and dry.

Do not store the knife in a drawer with other knives or metal objects. Please put it in its leather case. Paulownia wood or plastic is recommended as cutting boards. Glass, marble or the like can damage the cut. Steel shapeners or ceramic stones or for the maintenance of the edge are recommended.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Japón
Material: Forged Steel and Micarta handles.
Leather Case: Included.
Blade length: 300 milimeters.
Total length: 415 milimeters.
Total weight: 147 grams.
Warranty: 25 years



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