Steel Sharpening and accessories

First of all, Steel Sharpening and accessories you will find a section of ceramic and diamond sharpening stones as well as ceramic sharpening stones. Therefore,

To maintain the edge of your kitchen or outdoor knives, we recommend that you buy long oval diamond sharpeners, with which,

You will be able to keep the edge of your kitchen knives in perfect condition with a single effort. Japanese ceramic wetstones are for sharpening.

Too, We have a selection of nylon roll-up knife bags with a handle and interior zippered pocket and a top model in eight-hole leather, so,

You will also find the classic Japanese skirts made of walnut wood to protect the edge of your Japanese kitchen knives. To end,

We have in stock some Japanese cutting boards made of Paulownia wood, very light, fast drying and that protect the edge of your knives. too,

A Japanese cutting board made of Ginkgo wood of greater density and thickness than Paulownia but which also protects the edge of kitchen knives.

In steel Sharpening and accessories, you will find the ideal accessories to protect and maintain your kitchen knives.