Simón blue ceramic sharpening steel


Simón blue ceramic sharpening Chaira made with medium grain for sharpening Spanish and Japanese kitchen knives with a 500-grain thickness of 23cm stick length with a polycarbonate handle. Ideal for maintaining the edge of your kitchen knives

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Simón blue ceramic sharpening steel fiber handle

Simón blue ceramic sharpening steel fiber handle to sharpen and maintain the edge with double ceramic coating made in Germany and single face with a thickness of 500 medium-grain blue ceramic. It is provided with an integral black polycarbonate handle with gray aluminum fender that acts as protection. It resists moderate shocks and is easy to clean, simply by rubbing it with a sponge after use under warm water.

It’s very easy to keep your knives sharp with these ceramic sharpening system that can be stored in a drawer and that with just four passes following the instructions will achieve spectacular results. The great advantage of this sharpening system is that you can start sharpening from the beginning of the knife blade to the very tip, so we do not lose the symmetry of the blade, which happens with wheel sharpeners.

Do you know our classic Spanish knives and folding knives made of authentic Spanish sanitized deer antler and our famous Simón Criollo knives for eating roasts in two different sizes?

Remember that we have in our online catalog our Spanish web page marine folding knives for boats to untie knots, cut ropes or tighten and loosen ship shackle keys made of tempered stainless steel with smooth or mixed-edge serrated blades with solid forged punches with lock.


Product detail:

Made in: Germany Francia
Made of: Blue ceramic and black nylon handle.
Stick size: 230 millimeters.
Length: 356 milímeters.
Weight: 170 grams.
Warranty 2 years.



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