Piedra de cerámica y chaira de cerámica

Which is better, a ceramic stone or a ceramic steel sharpening?

We indicate the main differences between a Japanese water ceramic sharpening stone and a ceramic sharpening stone.

Cuchillo para limpiar pescado

The three essential knives for cleaning and preparing fish

Among the knives for preparing and cleaning fish, we find three essential knives that should be in every kitchen.

Cuchillo chuletero con filo o con sierra

Which steak knife to buy, simple edge or serrated?

Quality steak knives, steak knives, or table knives base their main characteristic on the cutting quality of their blades.

Cuchilla chuletera madrileña de media luna

What is the ideal size for a half moon steak knife?

The butchers and fishmongers of Madrid demanded a knife that served two functions effectively.

Los tres cuchillos de cocina profesionales imprescindibles

The three essential professional kitchen knives

There are three kitchen knives that can not be missing for a person who wants to start cooking both at home and in a cooking school.

Simón Collection

The nine types of kitchen knives most used

Within kitchen knives, there is a multitude of shapes, sizes, and models, but what are the most used models in the Western-type?