Which steak knife to buy, simple edge or serrated?

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Cuchillo chuletero con filo o con sierra

Quality steak knives, steak knives or table knives base their main characteristic on the cutting quality of their blades.

Actually, when designing a cutlery table knife, a series of requirements must be met, such as that they are easy to wash, do not rust, and are valid both for cutting food but also that they are valid for spreading pâtés, butters or spreads. For this reason, cutlery table knives never have an excellent cutting quality, which is why it is essential if one is a lover of good knives and enjoys eating meat, to have specific steak knives.

The blade

The first characteristic that a good steak knife should have is that its blade has good-tempered steel and, if possible, that it be forged. Good cutlery steel is one that in its composition, the carbon content is greater than 0.80%, in addition to containing other minerals such as molybdenum or vanadium to increase hardness and resistance to abrasion (greater durability of the edge), or has an acceptable percentage of chromium to increase hardness and corrosion resistance.

In addition, the blades of their Knives and forks must be integral, to guarantee their durability, that is, that the blade reaches the end of the handle, and that it is made of natural materials or compounds resistant to washing and that its handles are nailed to the blade of the knife or fork. All Simón steak knives meet these characteristics.

Different edges

Finally, there are two types of models with different types of edges, on the one hand, we would have the classic Spanish steak knife, with a somewhat thicker handle, its riveted handle, made in three different types of handles, wood, black fiber or micarta made of ivory-colored linen and a micro-serrated knife blade, specially designed so that the edge does not wear out when the plate rubs but has a sharp cutting sensation since its micro-serration is very fine.

The other type of edge would be the smooth-edged steak knife, in which to guarantee an excellent cutting quality, the Simón Designo steak knives, available with nailed handles of olive root wood, ivory-colored Micarta or staghorn, Its blades are made of forged steel 13 centimeters or 5 inches long, with a hand made edge with ceramic wet stones, tempered blades, also guaranteeing long durability of the edge. Normally, meat lovers only want sharp cutlet knives, the argument is very simple, you will never see a butcher cut raw meat with a saw. This is because a sharp knife does not break the fibers of the meat and allows cutting with more precision.