What is the ideal size for a half moon steak knife?

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Cuchilla chuletera madrileña de media luna

The main characteristic of the Madrid steak knife is its origin, Madrid, commissioned decades ago by the butchers and fishmongers of Madrid, since they demanded a knife that would perform two functions in an efficient way, that would be used to cut meat or fish, and that also It would be used to cut the bone of a pork, beef, lamb or veal rack.

In other regions of Spain, other types of blades are used, with different shapes but not as effective as the Madrid middle moon blade. Within the Simón middle moon steak knives or fillet knives, you can find four sizes, being the first two and the last cutlet, with blade sizes of 22, 25, and 30 centimeters or 9, 10, and 12 inches, and the third with a size of 27 centimeters or 11 inches of blade, fillet.

The difference between a fillet knife and a steak knife is that the first has a thicker blade and its edge is convex at the beginning to withstand blows against the bones, while the second is only manufactured in large sizes of more than 27 centimeters Of blade, it is thinner and if the edge is symmetrical, linear and finer since a very fine cut prevails over the fish.

For home or butcher

For domestic use, I would recommend the small and medium-sized Simón chop middle moon knives, with a black fiber handle, but especially the ivory-colored linen canvas Micarta models, for their durability, excellent grip, easy cleaning, and manageability with blade sizes between 22 and 25 centimeters or 9 and 10 inches of blade.

For use in butchers, I would recommend the large size of 30 centimeters of the blade, since less pressure must be applied to cut larger cow bones and the length of its cut and blade width allows us to see where the edge of the blade advances. knife without bothering us, for example, the bone of a steak.