The three essential professional kitchen knives

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Los tres cuchillos de cocina profesionales imprescindibles

There are three kitchen knives that can not be missing for a person who wants to start cooking both at home and in a cooking school, which are a classic peeling knife, a boning knife, and a chef's knife.

1. Classic peeling knife.

The classic peeling knife or peeler is essential both for peeling vegetables, laminating garlic, or making shapes in vegetables, thanks to its small size that makes it very manageable since its total length does not reach 20 centimeters or eight inches, in addition, the pointed shape of its blade allows you to decorate fruits and vegetables.

2. Boning knife.

On the other hand, the boning knife is an essential knife for cutting poultry, carving a tomato, peeling large vegetables since its blade is rigid and narrow, in addition, the size of its blade, 15 centimeters or 6 inches, makes it a very handy knife.

3. Chef's knife.

Finally, the chef's knife. This knife is essential to cut and chop vegetables, cut meats, make, for example, a steak tartare, a tuna tartare, slicing and cleaning a fish or slicing a loin or sausage, as well as cutting a wedge of cheese.

Also, thanks to the general balance of the knife, with the greater weight of the knife concentrated at the beginning of the blade and its one-piece ferrule that extends to the beginning of the edge, it is ideal for cutting poultry bones.

The design of its pointed blade and the convex shape of its edge makes it easy to cut food with precision by sliding it on the table, since its blade can also be fluted to prevent food from sticking to it, like our Simón PRO Micarta chef's knives, and its 25-centimeter blade length makes it easy to apply pressure to cut food with precision. The most versatile kitchen knife on the market.