Tradition in Spanish cutlery

Simón Collection


Professional Kit
Simón ham cut

Simón Collection
Simón Collection


Professional Kit
Simón ham cut

Simón Collection

Exclusive products

One of our specializations is Spanish kitchen knives, as well as classic Spanish knives from the best Spanish artisans, such as Julián Galván Hellín or the Rodriguez Nuño brothers.

Simón kitchen knives and accessories

Kitchen knives made in Albacete, from the Simón PRO Forjado and Simón PRO Micarta brands, Japanese handmade kitchen knives made of three-layer steel, hand-hammered, in Damascus steel hammered with balanced classic Japanese-style handles, with blades with symmetrical emptying or Asymmetrical, with handles made of Japanese chestnut wood, wengé wood and bolsters made of ebony wood, from the best knife makers.

Special attention to our series of steak knives with edge blade or micro-teeth with handles of wood, fibers, or linen micarta as well as the famous steak knives to cut ribs with a middle moon shape. Sharpening sticks, kitchen scissors, and ham holders stand complete this section.

Spanish and sporting knives Simón

Julián Galván Hellín, the best knifemaker of classic Spanish knives of the 20th century in Spain, is widely represented in this product section, in addition to knives by the Rodriguez Nuño Brothers, as well as pieces made by José Expósito, made of mova steel from Echevarría steels, as well as pieces with bolsters made of solid forged steel, as well as handles in deer horn, bull horn, mammoth fossil, mother-of-pearl for some collectible models. A selection of the best classic Spanish pocket knives in the world from the private collection of Simón Selección Knives.

Simón Collection

Products made in Spain

It was in 1947 when the Simón family decided to settle in Albacete opening their first small store called “La Caperucita” in the city of Albacete, Spain selling typical souvenirs from Albacete, such as flamenco dolls and toys bullfighters, as well as ashtrays and Albacete ́s classical Spanish folding knives.

Manicure Nippers and grooming scissors

Nail clippers in modified Aogami steel, cuticle nippers, tweezers and files made of tempered surgical steel, Stainless micro fusion forged steel scissors, the best manicure utensils for both professional and personal use by the best craftsmen in Germany and Japan. Stainless steel manicure cases with leather or microfiber exterior and fixed close or automatic closure made in Solingen, Germany.


Our new complete catalog of Simón products.

Classic Spanish non-drip glass oil cans

100% non-drip borosilicate table and breakfast oil bottles handmade in Spain with a non-drip curved glass pourer system available in different types and sizes. A model of oil bottle recognized worldwide for its effectiveness, anti-drip system, design, and elegance on the table made of lead-free glass. Make for Cuchillerías Simón Selección.


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