The three essential knives for cleaning and preparing fish

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Tres cuchillos imprescindibles para limpiar y preparar el pescado

Among the knives for preparing and cleaning fish, we find three essential knives.

On the one hand, we would have the chef's knife, a knife that allows you to cut, for example, the outer spines of a turbot but also to cut its head and then remove the loins of the fish, it is a knife with a length of 10 inches or 25 centimeters of the blade and balance of weights, which allows us to prepare medium-sized fish.

On the other hand, we would have the ultra-flexible narrow fillet knife, this is a knife that allows us to remove the skin of the fish in a very effective way thanks to its ultra-flexible, narrow, thin, and a long blade that adapts to the flat part of a cutting board on which, when we lay the fish flat, it allows us to remove its skin easily without damaging the fish by removing only the skin.

Finally, we would have the classic fillet fish knife, a very flexible knife, with a blade that is also very thin but wider than that of a narrow fillet, which is also useful to separate the skin of fish that are larger than the previous knife. In addition, due to the shape of its blade, more pointed and with more base, it would allow us to make certain fine cuts of the clean fish loins.