In 1947 the Simón family decided to settle in the city of Albacete, Spain, opening their first establishment in that city selling typical souvenirs, such as flamenco dolls and bullfighters, and classic Spanish Albacete pocket knives.

Due to the high demand for pocket knives, since Albacete is a city with a tradition in the manufacture of knives, pocket knives and scissors for centuries and which remains in force today, the founder, Miguel Simón, decided to focus the business activity on the sale of cutlery.

Years later, the first Simón Cutlery was established in Madrid, capital of Spain, a few meters from Puerta del Sol, a business run by Carlos Simón Ruiz, from 1970, until his retirement in 2018.

In 2006, Juan Carlos Simón and Jose Luis Simón, third generation, joined to run the current Simón Selección Cutlery located a few meters from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, dedicating all their efforts to the manufacture and marketing of cutlery products. Spanish and Japanese, being a benchmark for the quality of cutlery products in Spain and, today, they sell more than 5000 high-quality cutlery products basing their activity on kitchen knives, scissors for various uses, classic Spanish pocket knives made by the best Spanish knifemakers, sharpening systems and items to cut and taste the ham such as knives for slicing and boning the ham, ham holders and sharpening steels such as those that we present in our third edition of the product catalog that holds in his hands.

The Simón PRO Forjado ranges of knives with more than 30 items and Simón PRO Micarta with more than 15 different items entirely made in Albacete in forged steel in one piece, represent our most demanded knives worldwide.