Ceramic sharpener wetstone 3000/8000


Ceramic sharpener whetstone double face made by Suehiro company, double-sided for fine sharpening and finishing polished in 3000/8000 grit thick ivory and white with magnesium grit bonding. Ideal for ultra finishing cooking knives.

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Ceramic sharpener wetstone double face 3000/8000

Ceramic sharpener wetstone 3000/8000 double face made by the Suehiro company in Japan with double-sided magnesium grain bonding in 3000 grain for fine sharpening and 8000 for finishing coarse polishing in ivory and white with non-slip platinum silicone base included. Ideal for ultra finishing cooking knives.

The Simón steak knives are characterized by being made entirely in Spain in tempered steel, always having an assembly principle consisting of an integral blade, either a knife or a fork, and having their handles nailed down. From here on, there are variants of them with micro serrated blade or plain edge, with reinforcing bolsters as Spanish steak knives have always had, or without it in the most modern models as an extension of the handle, as well as different types of grips.

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Please visit our family of kitchen knives and Spanish steak knives and forks and chop knives with ivory-colored linen micarta handles in integral forged steel as well as the typical Madrid-style crescent-shaped chops to cut ribs and bones of cow, lamb or similar of excellent quality with polished edges and sharpened entirely by hand with ceramic wetstones.


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Made in: Japan Francia
Made of: Japanese ceramic wetstone.
Total length: 200 millimeters.
Width: 50 millimeters.
Thickness: 28 milimeters.
Total weight: 660 grams.
Warranty: 2 years.

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