Japanese ceramic wetstone 320/1000


Ceramic sharpener wetstone double face 320/1000 made by the Suehiro company, double-sided for deburring and sharpening in 320 and 1000 grit of mustard and orange color with magnesium grit union. A good option for beginners.

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Ceramic sharpener wetstone double face 320/1000

Ceramic sharpener wetstone double face 320/1000 made by the Suehiro company in Japan with double-sided magnesium grain bonding in 320 grit for ravaged and 1000 for coarse sharpening for sharpening in mustard and orange with non-slip platinum silicone base included. A good option for beginners for basic sharpener and médium sharpener.

Japanese ceramic sharpening wetstones are composed of a set of ceramic particles of different degrees of abrasion, joined by adhesive elements and high pressure compaction that give them a hardness and density suitable for sharpening knives. The balance between the hardness of the stone and the quality and temper of the steel of the knife is essential, the greater the hardness of the stone is achieved that it lasts longer and that in the case of errors in the sharpening process we do not damage The stone, on the other hand, in the event of a major error in sharpening, we will not damage the stone but we could damage the edge of the knife, varying its original angle or exerting greater pressure on one area of the edge with respect to another, making it necessary to recover previous steps.

The Simón Spanish forged kitchen scissors are made starting from a steel rod that is hot forged to later be cut and continue with the mechanization of the two main pieces. In total, between the forging and the different manufacturing processes, including grinding, polishing and sharpening, we can talk about more than eighty manufacturing processes until we achieve the final product.


Detalle del producto

Made in: Japan Francia
Make of: Ceramic wetstone double face
Total length: 200 millimeters.
Width: 50 millimeters.
Thickness: 28 milimeters.
Total weight: 660 grams.
Warranty: 2 years.

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