Japanese ceramic wetstones

First of all, in Japanese ceramic wetstones, we have a selection of sharpening stones made with stone granulate, therefore,

The most important thing in these stones is that the union of the grain is made with a binder such as magnesium, since the union of the grain with resin is worse. due,

We have coarse grain stones for grinding and sharpening, sharpening and finishing, and finishing and polishing, and for this we use high technology.

These japanese ceramic wetstones are made with aluminum oxide, which is what is known as ceramic, they are double-sided and are made in Japan.

As a result, If you want a quality ceramic stone, we offer these Japanese water sharpening stones for sharpening kitchen knives, sport knives and others.

To end, When buying a ceramic stone, never use it dry, always with water, wash it with cold water after use and let it dry on the edge before storing it.