Walnut Western type saya Slicer knife


Saya or sheath in wood to protect the blade of western-type Japanese kitchen knives made of walnut wood for a Slicer or Sujihiki with a 27-centimeter blade. Made or sanded after four processes entirely handmade in Japan.

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Walnut Western type saya for Sujihiki knife 27cm

Walnut wood Saya with black wood conical pin for holding blade knife handmade entirely in Japan for Japanese kitchen knife western type, this is a knife with an integral forged blade up to the handle, for Slicer or Sujihiki model. Do you know our famous forged stainless steel kitchen scissors?

This wooden saya is handmade entirely in Japan and has a four-stage sanding that leaves the surface completely smooth with no edges. Available for various blade types, for utility or long Petty blade-shaped knives, gyuto in three sizes, and yanagi with blades for western knives.

The sayas are handmade entirely in Japan, using woods that have previously been dried in natural dryers for a minimum time of 4 months, these sayas are made with two independent pieces of walnut wood, which is a wood that combines two tones. Sapwood gray and heartwood greyish brown with dark streaks.

It is coarse-grained, straight grained and easy to machine, offering good gluing, bending, screwing and finishing qualities. It has great hardness so its sawing is difficult, in addition to the defects of some parts. To obtain sheet metal, it is cut flat and is highly valued, for example, its use in furniture. Don´t miss our section on anti-cut mesh gloves!

Product detalis:

Made in: Japan Francia
Made of: Japanese walnut wood
Features: The best edge protect.
Lenght: 330 milimeters
Width: 55 milimeters
Thickness: 14 milimeters.
Weight: 69 grams.


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