Wood sayas for knives

First of all, in wood sayas for knives, I offer you the authentic sayas made by hand in Japan with walnut wood, therefore,

These sheath fit perfectly in Japanese knives, whether they are of the traditional type with asymmetric blade and, Wooden handle with recessed blade tang, or also,

They are valid for Japanese knives with a western blade format, that is, kitchen knives whose blade is integral with its handle nailed to the blade. Therefore,

These wooden sheaths for knives are of high quality, they have a wooden fastening pin made of ebony wood and There are different sizes, as a result,

We have sayas for petty knives, for utility knives, for Santoku knives, Nakiri knives, For Gyuto knives, Deba knives and Yanagi knives. To end,

These covers protect the blade without being in contact with the steel, in case you want to protect the blades with oil and not be in contact with the wood