Sayas for western knife

First of all, in Sayas for western knife, we work some original Japanese wooden sheaths made of walnut wood, therefore,

If you have Japanese kitchen knives with western construction, that is, that the blade of the knife is integral and the handle is nailed to the blade,

These sayas are valid for these knives, there are models for petty or utility knives, for Santoku models, for Gyuto models, or for Slicer knives. Then,

These Sayas do not come into contact with the blade of the knife and are provided with a holding pin made of ebony wood and are conical, as a consequence,

They protect the blades of these knives so that the edge of the knife does not deteriorate, and they also prevent it from being damaged and cut during to carry. To end,

These sayas are made with natural wood without varnish, treated in a dryer for eight months so that the wood does not have moisture.

Buy Sayas for western knife if you have Japanese kitchen knives with a full blade handle.