Medium paulownia wood cuting board


Rectangular Paulownia wood Japanese light cuting board 24cm wide X 42cm long size. Dries fast, and used by Japanese chefs to protect the knife´s Edge, antibacterial and hygienic. Medium size possible carry on.

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Rectangular medium paulownia wood cuting board

Rectangular medium paulownia wood cuting board in paulownia Wood, two centimeters thick with 24cm wide X 42cm large size. Dries fast, antibacterial and hygienic. Thanks to its light density, it protects the edge of the knives for greater durability of the cutting edge without the need to sharpen them. Lightweight, it allows you to hold the board to place food in the pan comfortably. This wood, from the tree called Paulownia, is one of the most used woods in Japan, it protects the edges of knives while being very light! Don’t miss out on Kurosaki San’s spectacular Japanese handcrafted knives either!

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Produc detalis:

Made in: JapanFrancia
Made of: Japanese paulownia wood
Features: Ultra fast drying
Dimensions: 240 milimeters X 420 milimeters
Thickness: 20 milimeters.
Weight: 520 grams.



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