Japanese kitchen cutting boards in Paulownia or Ginkgo wood

First of all, in Japanese wooden kitchen boards we offer cutting boards made of Paulownia wood and Ginkgo wood, as a consequence,

You will have ultra-fast drying cutting boards in the case of paulownia wood boards that, in addition,

They are antibacterial and protect the edge of your knives by not having a lot of density. These tables are preferred by Japanese chefs because they are light and very handy.

There are three sizes of Paulownia madra boards and a single Ginkgo wood cutting board size, the latter being in a rectangular format. As a result,

These cutting boards allow a very good manageability and cleanliness, having rounded edges so that they do not have sharp edges. Definitely,

If you want to cut or chop food comfortably and while protecting the edge of your knives, we recommend that you buy Japanese wooden boards.