Ham knives

In the first place, ham knives speaks of Spanish knives designed to slice ham on the shoulder with precision and safety. As a result,

These, have the characteristic of having been made starting from hot forged steel rods to build the entire knife. In this way,

Excellent structural rigidity of the knife is achieved by not being welded, not manufactured in two pieces that,

Once it is tempered, it is tempered to increase elasticity, achieving incredible elasticity to cut the ham in a amazing way. As a result,

These knives are available in our Simón PRO Forjado and Simón PRO Micarta series, with models with fluted or single blades.

So, If you want the best results to cut the ham, buy Simón products of excellent quality and with included leather sheath sewn in brown or black. Thus,

The best ham knives made in Spain of the world!