Official Chef´s knife Simón PRO Micarta fluted


Official Chef´s knife Simón PRO Micarta size 25cm blade fluted very robust and perfectly balanced, valid even for cutting chicken bones, hand sharpened. Stitched and reinforced black leather sheath included.

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Official Chef´s knife Simón PRO Micarta fluted with leather case

Official Chef´s knife Simón PRO Micarta fluted for cutting and chopping on the table, essential for both professional and personal use, made of pure forged steel without welding in Spain, delivered at no extra cost with a stitched black leather sheath. Do you know our ham holders?

Reinforced with a fair weight balance and hand-sharpened in our workshop, making the devastated, sharpened and finished, for a very good quality of cut, a classic and best seller within our Spanish kitchen knives, therefore,

Cooking knife with integral blade in Forged Steel with a carbon content higher than 0.60% (Molybdenum-Vanadium) with a canvas Micarta handle made of linen with natural resin, hand pressed and final molded, with a special and pleasant touch with better grip and lightness superior to the classic plastic handles and is also dishwasher safe.

Double hardened and ground blades for increased cutting durability and better balance between blade and shank. Special hand sharpening with ceramic whetstones. Don´t miss japanese cooking knives form Yoshihiro Yauji



Conditions of use and maintenance:

Do not cut bones, frozen or shellfish. For these uses, use half-moon kitchen knife. If they were soft bird bones, they could be cut. They may have nicks on the cut surface but are repairable. We guarantee all our forged knives against cracks or breakage for life. To maintain your Simón PRO Micarta knives, dry them with a cloth if you put them in the dishwasher after washing, this way you will never have problems with stains on the steel. Aggressive washing can damage the cutting edge or scratch the blades. Rinse the blade after each use with warm water and dish soap and dry.
Do not store the knife in a drawer with other knives or metal objects. Please put it in its leather case. Paulownia wood or plastic is recommended as cutting boards. Glass, marble or the like can damage the cut. Steel shapeners or ceramic stones or for the maintenance of the edge are recommended.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Japón
Material: Forged Steel and Micarta handles.
Leather Case: Included.
Blade length: 250 milimeters.
Total length: 375 milimeters.
Total weight: 316 grams.
Warranty: 25 years



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