Simón Ham holders

First of all, Simón ham holders, we have two models of ham boards with fixed and folding systems, made entirely in Spain. Therefore,

These holders offer the characteristic of being designed to hold a leg of Iberian ham or a shoulder of Iberian ham, as a result,

The boards are long enough to support the length of an Iberian ham and their jaws are designed to rotate three hundred and sixty degrees, so,

The most important thing when choosing a good ham support is that the ham can always be cut horizontally,

for safety, and these holders comply with it, since,

If we do not cut it with a horizontal knife position, we will not be able to cut the thin slice nor will we be able to take advantage of the meat of the ham. Thus,

The rotating ham holders fulfill the commitment of perfectly holding the ham and being able to cut it horizontally,

the two key points of this product. To end,

Our Simón knee joint ham holder allows the ham to be placed without puncturing the meat so that,

it does not rust and does not contain sharp elements,

It is considered the only safety ham holder on the market, which allows the ham to be kept in the holder for longer periods of time as well.