Chef´s knives

First of all, in chef´s knives, you will find chopping and cutting knives made in Spain and Japan. Therefore,

Chef´s knives, as they are known in the United States, must have a length of twenty five centimeters of blade, be approximately 5 centimeters wide and be balanced. Due,

If you buy a chef´s knife, you can cut and chop on top of the cutting board comfortably by not touching your fingers against the board, the balance of the knife, therefore,

It is very important to send the force and pressure of the cut to the beginning of the knife blade, and the length of the blade allows us to slide the knife blade on the table to make clean cuts. As a result,

Buy a chef’s knife together with a Simón paring knife, you will have integral forged steel knives available with two types of handles, mainly,

Our series of Simón PRO Micarta knives, made with ivory micarta handles, delivered with a stitched leather sheath included.