Spanish scissors

First of all, in Spanish scissors, we offer a wide variety of scissors for domestic and professional use of scissors made of forged steel, therefore,

We have a selection of scissors for different uses, nail cutting scissors, hair cutting scissors, kitchen scissors, baby nail cutting scissors, as a consequence,

Our Spanish scissors are made entirely in Spain, assembled with a countersunk-tip screw system, scissors made of stainless steel. So,

The Simón scissors have the characteristics of being sharpened by hand, in the case of kitchen scissors, they are valid for left-handed and right-handed people, and have micro serrations.

Then, If you want to buy quality scissors, also in personal hygiene scissors both to trim the beard, cut the nose and ear hair or to cut the hair, these are ideal.

Finally, all our scissors can be sharpened over the years if necessary, as they are made of tempered steel.