Simón cuticle scissors small straight


Simón cuticle scissors small chrome plated straight with a special screw made in Spain in tempered steel with a 3,5 inch chrome coating to cut cuticles for hands and straight blades.

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Simón cuticle scissors small crhome plated straight

Simón cuticle scissors small chrome plated straight made in Spain with concave internal emptying for a good cut and precision of the house Simón made in Albacete with a total length of 9 centimeters of straight blade made of tempered steel and chrome-plated to prevent the rust.

Quality cuticle scissors are manufactured from high carbon martensitic steel rods, so that the durability of the cut is very long. Another of the main characteristics of a good scissor are its axes, it has to be with a screw round tip, in this way it prevents the scissors from becoming out of adjustment.

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Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged chrome plated steel.
Included: Paper box
Lenght: 92 milimeters.
Weight: 12 grams.
Warranty 5 years.


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Simón cuticle scissors small straight