Simón grooming scissors

First of all, Simon Grooming Scissors, we have in stock nail cutting scissors, hair cutting scissors and manicure scissors, therefore,

Within the hair cutting scissors, we have up to four different sizes, all of them with micro serrations and rounded tips, too,

These hair scissors include a rubber silencer for a better fit and a more pleasant sound, so,

If you want to acquire a quality hair cutting scissors made entirely in Spain, we recommend that you evaluate these scissors, too,

We have a scissors for cutting nails and nail cuticles made of rod-forged steel with a chrome finish to prevent rust, and don’t forget that,

The scissors for trimming the hair of the nose and ear, have to have their tips totally rounded, existing models with straight and curved blades,

in which, the curved blade scissors, is also sold as scissors to cut the nails of babies, or children up to nine years of age.