Solingen straight stainless steel tweezers


Long size depilate straight stainless tweezers with grooved base for perfect finger placement in forged stainless steel manufactured in Solingen, a town specialized in knives belonging to Germany with leather sheath.

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Straight wide Solingen stainless tweezers

Long-sized wide satin straight stainless steel tweezers for depilate with satin and grated base for perfect finger placement in tempered stainless steel. This model of tweezers, thanks to its polished mouth, allows to exert greater pressure without practically risk of cutting very fine hair.

The best tweezers are made from the best materials. These tweezers for removing eyebrow hair are made of surgical steel, this is a steel that in its composition, in addition to a relatively high percentage of carbon, includes chromium and nickel to prevent oxidation, but with the thermal processes that steels have. So,

Martensitic, to obtain hardness and elasticity, to prevent them from deforming over time or chafing, which is what happens with low-quality tweezers normally manufactured in Asian countries, even from well-known european brands.


Product detail:

Made in: Germany Francia
Made of: Forged stinless steel.
Included: Leather seath
Lenght: 85 milimeters.
Cutting mouth: 5 milimeters.
Weight: 7 grams.
Warranty 5 years.



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