Solingen tweezers

First of all, solingen tweezers, we have a selection of hair removal products made of tempered steel, therefore,

If you want to have quality tweezers, we recommend you buy tweezers made in Solingen, the city of cutlery in Germany. Due,

We have these tweezers available with a straight tip, those preferred by men, as well as with a slanted tip, those preferred by women, then,

They also have the particularity of being slightly turned on the surface transversely, so that when you pick up the pin, the grip is optimal. As a result,

Tweezers with a good grip, made of tempered stainless steel, with a leather cover included, with two different types of tips. To end,

The tips of these tweezers are polished after veite processes completely by hand so that the fineness of the tips is excellent and, the finest hairs on the face,

you can hold them without breaking or cutting them, as it has to be with good tweezers