Simón grooming nose and ear scissors


Simón grooming scissors to cut nose and ear hair made in Spain in tempered steel made of chrome steel with a 3 inch blade and rounded tip and straight blade. The good option in grooming scissors for men.

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Simón grooming scissors nose and ear chrome plated

Simón grooming scissors nose and ear chrome plated for prevent the rust for cutting nose and ear hair made in Spain with concave internal emptying for a good cut and precision of the house Simón made in Albacete with a total size of 10 centimeters, straight blade, made of tempered steel with fully rounded tip to avoid puncture or cutting.

Scissors for trimming nose and ear hair should have a concave inner edge for precision cutting and fully rounded tips. The Simón personal grooming scissors for nose are made of rod-forged steel with a round-nose screw with excellent adjustment, so that it has cutting precision and the hair to be cut does not escape.


Remember that we work with the best nail nippers in the world, made by hand in Japan, made with Japanese carbon steel or stainless alloy steel, all of them forged, with a telescopic damper system and angular cut that requires little pressure to make a clean cut.

The Simón steak knives are characterized by being made entirely in Spain in tempered steel, always having an assembly principle consisting of an integral blade, either a knife or a fork, and having their handles nailed down. From here on, there are variants of them with micro serrated blade or plain edge, with reinforcing bolsters as Spanish steak knives have always had, or without it in the most modern models as an extension of the handle, as well as different types of grips.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged chrome plated steel.
Included: Presentation box
Lenght: 97 milimeters.
Weight: 20 grams.
Warranty 5 years.



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