Simón grooming baby nail scissors


Simón grooming scissors to cut baby nails made in Spain in tempered steel made of chrome steel with a three inch blade and extra rounded tip and curve blade. Hand sharpen and concave edge.

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Simón grooming scissors baby nails chrome plated

Simón grooming scissors baby nails chrome plated to cut baby nails made in Spain with a concave interior void for a good cut and precision from the house Simón made in Albacete with a total length of 10 centimeters, with a curved blade made of tempered chrome steel with a fully rounded tip to avoid puncture or cut yourself. Hand sharpen and concave Edge fopr a good precisión.

Scissors for trimming nose and ear hair should have a concave inner edge for precision cutting and fully rounded tips. The Simon personal hygiene scissors for the nose and to cut the nails of babies, are made of rod-forged steel with a round-tip screw of excellent adjustment, so that it has cutting precision and the hair to be cut does not escape as well as being ideal for cutting baby’s nails due to its precision and slightly curved blade

Remember that we have in our online catalog our Spanish web page marine folding knives for boats to untie knots, cut ropes or tighten and loosen ship shackle keys made of tempered stainless steel with smooth or mixed-edge serrated blades with solid forged punches with lock.

Do you know our Spanish forged stainless steel kitchen scissors made with concave and fine blades to clean fish and with micro serrated to cut poultry bones with precision with anatomical handles made of integral forged steel?


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged chrome plated steel.
Included: Presentation box
Lenght: 97 milimeters.
Weight: 20 grams.
Warranty 5 years.


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Simón grooming baby nail scissors