Simón tailor scissors small


Simón household scissors to cut cloth, made in Spain in tempered steel with a six inch chrome coating for cutting clothes such as cotton, gauze or linen with a symmetrical tip to make buttonholes.

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Simón chrome household Scissors small

Simón tailor scissors small chrome plated to cut cloth made in Spain with a concave internal emptying for a good cut and precision from the Simón house made in Albacete with a total size of 15,5 centimeters and a straight cutting blade made of tempered and chrome steel to prevent the rust.

A good sewing or embroidery scissors should be made of integral forged steel with a concave inner blade so that it has a good route when cutting and its tips must be precise to be able to unseam a thread or make buttonholes. These scissors are made of hot rod forged steel entirely in Spain, a sewing scissors for domestic use that you will love for its softness.


The Criollo knife is a type of knife that presents more variants, not only for the materials with which they were made (silver, nickel silver, wood, antlers, leather, etc.) but for the buttons, which also identified whether they were used by the Argentines or Uruguayans and blade sizes called verijeros those that had around 15 centimeters of blade and waist those called those that have more than 16 centimeters or greater. They were knives that were used to remove the leather from cattle, eat meat or chop tobacco, an essential tool for the gaucho, a character who rode on horseback and was always accompanied by his knife.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged chrome plated steel.
Included: Presentation box
blade lenght: 70 milimeters.
Total lenght: 155 milimeters.
Weight: 57 grams.
Warranty 5 years.


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Simón tailor scissors small