Embroidery scissors

First of all, embroidery scissors, we offer scissors to cut fabrics made in Spain in tempered chromed steel with a concave inner edge. As a result,

You will get excellent quality sewing scissors that are suitable for cutting threads, cutting fabrics to make dresses or shirts, or for buttoning or making buttonholes. Due,

If you want a good quality cut in your scissors, buy Spanish sewing scissors for cutting fabrics available in six different sizes, with asymmetric blades. Finally,

The embroidery scissors are manufactured from hot forged steel rods and, after more than eighty manufacturing processes and subsequent chrome plating to prevent oxidation, we have the final product.

A quality sewing scissors should have a straight and pointed blade and the other end with the curved tip since, the most pointed blade is the one that rests on the table to lift the fabric comfortably.