Simón sewing scissors and cutting cloths

First of all, Simón sewing scissors and cutting cloths, we have fabric cutting scissors, embroidery scissors and dressmaker scissors, therefore,

Within the sewing scissors, we have up to six different sizes, all of them with a smooth edge and asymmetric tips, too,

These Simón sewing scissors and cutting cloths have their inner blades with concave grinding for greater cutting precision, so,

If you want to acquire a quality fabric cutting scissors manufactured entirely in Spain, we recommend that you evaluate these scissors, too,

We have wire cutters made of rod-forged steel with a chrome finish to prevent rust, and don’t forget that,

Dressmaker scissors have to have their tips totally fine and sharp to be able to pick up the fabric from a counter, then,

The dressmaker’s scissors is also sold as scissors to cut fabrics to make pants or a shirt, being very comfortable due to its double buttonhole.