Stainless Forged Meat Masticator


Stainless steel forged Masticator with stainless coil spring system to cut meat, poultry and vegetables into strips, to facilitate the digestion of these foods for people from two years of age and for elderly or disabled people to chew, made in Italy.

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Stainless Forged Meat Masticator with coil spring

Stainless Forged Meat Masticator with coil spring system with stainless steel rear closure that works as a cutter with four scissors at the same time so that food such as a meat or chicken fillet is cut into small strips to facilitate digestion, but with a still chewy texture, not like a meat grinder that leaves the food a paste.

A masticator is a device that works as four scissors together and very robust to cut cooked meats or roast poultry into strips to facilitate the intake for people with dental problems, what it really does is chew for us while maintaining the texture of the food, a very sold piece in the Spanish market, very useful for people who are beginning to chew or for older people with teeth problems.

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Product detail:

Made in: Italy Francia
Make of: Stainless steel forged.
Width: 40 millimeters.
Total length: 181 millimeters.
Weight: 246 grams.
Warranty: 25 years.


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