Set steak knife and fork Simón PRO ciervo Designo


Set of steak knife and fork Simón PRO Ciervo exclusive of Simón Designo series with handles of cooked, rectified and sanitized Spanish deer antler with a hollowed-out blade with a smooth edge, designo model, hand-polished. Ideal for eating all kinds of meat and fish at the table.Escuchar

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Set steak knife and fork Simón PRO ciervo Designo

Set steak knife and fork Simón PRO ciervo Designo from the Simón PRO Ciervo series of knives, made of authentic tempered steel and authentic stag horn handles, hand edged blade and, with a modern large blade to eat all kinds of meat on the table. Thanks to its tempered steel crafted, the stronger and durability of the edge is guaranteed, also having an optimal weight and pleasant handling.

One of the most prominent research groups in Spain and in the world on deer, is located in Albacete, linked to the University of Castilla-La Mancha and has spent years studying the composition of the Iberian deer antler, among other aspects.

A widely studied theory regarding antler growth is the influence of the mineral content of the diet and many managers wonder, what is the effect of a diet more or less rich in mineral on the antlers of deer?

In this work, the authors studied the mineral distribution and structural characteristics of the deer antler, using two groups of adult Iberian deer. One of the groups was in an experimental farm, cutting in September and the other in a private farm, in which the horns were collected, making sure that they belonged to adult individuals.

The horns serve the deer as a weapon, used especially in the mating period, when the males fight each other for the conquest of the mate, in long and sometimes bloody combats. Recent studies have found a relationship between antler size and complexity and male fertility.
In classical mythology the deer was considered sacred. The Greek goddess Artemis and the Roman Diana, were considered hunting deities and the deer was consecrated to them.

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Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Tempered steel and stag horn handles
Presentation box: Included.
Weight: 158 grams.
Warranty: 5 years.


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