Steak knives and forks Simón

First of all, steak knives and forks Simón, we offer a range of meat knives and forks made entirely in Spain. Therefore,

These knives are made of tempered steel with molybdenum and vanadium alloy to increase their hardness and resistance to abrasion, so,

We work with knives with different types of blades and handles, you can obtain them with wooden, black fiber, micarta or staghorn handles. Due,

We have two different ranges, on the one hand, we have the classic steak knives, made with a micro serrated edge, and on the other hand,

Our range of Simón Designo chops, with teardrop-shaped handles and materials such as olive adera, micarta or deer stag horn. To end,

All our Steak knives and forks Simón are made with nailed handles, with integral blades, sharpened by hand with ceramic stones and,

In the case of our classic chops, with blades previously emptied and then micro-serrated for a superior cutting sensation.

You will also find here, three exclusive knife and fork carving sets made of integral forged steel with olive root wood, staghorn or linen micarta handles.