Simón PRO Olivo Carving Meat Set


Simón PRO Olivo carving knife and fork set for carving roast meats from the Simón series of knives with handles of Spanish olive root wood with black leather sheaths included in presentation case. Forged and beveled fork and hand-sharpened with japanese whetstone.

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Simón PRO Olivo Carving Meat Set in box

Simón PRO Olivo Carving Meat Set in box is a carving knife and fork model made in Spain in forged steel with a thermal process for a good resistance of the steel with normalized and tempering and subsequent grinding for balancing the blades and the knife.

This knife and fork for carving roast meats is perfect for all kinds of cuts of cooked meat or poultry, as well as for slicing, both for cutting meat and fish into pieces or tacos. Its fork with two beveled spikes with four edges is handmade entirely in forged steel, allowing an excellent grip both due to the depth of the fork and its handle of Spanish olive root wood being fired and sanitized with polished copper pins. In addition, being forged, it will never bend or broke performing its function.

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The accompanying carving knife blade is hand-sharpened and comes with a presentation case and sewn-in black genuine leather sheaths at no extra cost. An authentic Spanish meat or poultry carving set made in Albacete that will be a magnificent gift for meat lovers.

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Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged Steel and root olive wood.
Presentation box & Leather cases: Included.
Total weight: 1 kilogram.
Warranty: 5 years.


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