Olive wood knives

OFirst of all, in knives with olive wood, we present our selection of knives with this handle, Knives and pocket knives made in Spain with this material, therefore,

In this section, you will find kitchen knives, Spanish sport knives, sport knives of the same material, as a consequence,

We work steak knives and forks from our range of Simón PRO Designo knives, with three-prong forks and edge knives, too,

Trichar knives in a set with a carving fork with two long prongs with presentation case and leather sheaths sewn in a black color included and also

A selection of Spanish sports knives Simón bowie model and forestry model made in Albacete in tempered steel with lock in two different sizes, Finally,

Our famous Criollo knives with an externally nailed wooden handle, available in two different sizes. knives with olive wood to carve meat, steaks and

bowie model Spanish pocket knives and forestry model pocket knives, Criollo knives.