Simón Criollo olive sport fixed short knife


Simón Criollo model short eating knife with olive root wood handle nailed externally in forged steel N695 Böhler of high resistance and hardness with high carbon and silicon content in the alloy resistant to corrosion due to its chromium content. Brown leather sheath for hunting belt included.

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Simón Criollo olive wood sport fixed short knife

Simón Criollo olive sport fixed short knife developed and manufactured by Simón Madrid in Böhler N695 steel with a high carbon content of 1.05% for a longer cutting duration with high resistance to corrosion and abrasion thanks to its high chromium content of

16.70% of pleasant handling thanks to its selected olive root wood handle nailed to the outside by means of eight rivetless harpsichords and brown leather sheath with belt loop made of vegetable tanned grain leather. For this reason,

Is a sports knife of beautiful proportions with a hollowed-out blade and hand sharpened with a japanese ceramic whetstone, mounted, ground and polished entirely by hand in Spain, available in two sizes and two different handles,

Olive root and authentic sanitized deer antler nailed and polished. Likewise,

The Böhler steel factory is considered one of the best in Europe and, specifically, the Böhler N695 alloy steel,

Thanks to its properties of resistance to abrasion and corrosion comparable to 440C steel, therefore, Is one of the steel that to my taste has better performance and stability they offer after tempering. Meanwhile,


Characteristics of olive trees

Tell them that, the cultivation of the olive tree was introduced in Spain during the maritime domination of the Phoenicians (1050 BC), but it did not develop in notorious extensions until the arrival of Scipio (212 BC) and the power of Rome. So,

aAfter the third Punic war, the olive grove occupies an important area in Betica and expanded towards the center and the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

If you acquire an olive root wood knife, you are acquiring an art from the history of our country, Spain, a tree that is spoken of that never dies with a grain and a color and hardness, impressive.


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Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Steel: Böhler Steel and olive wood.
Blade lenght: 140 milimeters.
Total lenght: 250 milimeters.
Weight: 145 grams.
Warranty: 5 years.


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