Carving sets

First of all, carving set we offer a set of carving knife and fork made of integral forged steel, made entirely in Spain. Therefore,

These sets offer the possibility of carving both cooked poultry meats such as chicken or poulard as well as beef steaks, with an excellent grip and cut quality. As a result,

With our series of knives Simón PRO Micarta, Simón PRO Forjado, Simón PRO Olivo and Simón PRO Ciervo, you can find the carving set that best suits your wishes. In the meantime,

The difference between the different carving sets lies in the handle of each one of them, being in olive root wood for the Simón PRO Olivo series, in stag horn for the Simón PRO deer horn series and in ivory colored linen micarta for our Simón PRO Micarta series