Poultry scissors

First of all, poultry scissors, we have scissors manufactured in Solingen, the city of cutlery in Germany, in an excellent quality polished finish.

These poultry scissors have been manufactured in rod-forged steel with eighty processes of realization, in addition,

they have a notch for, Introduce the bones of the birds and cut them without slipping along the edge of the scissors, thereby exerting more pressure. Therefore,

These scissors also have a curved blade to be able to insert it between the wings of the poultry and also to cut the shell of the poultry, they are sharpened by hand and,

And they have a micro serrated that allows you to hold the meat of the pouktry to be able to cut it with greater precision, therefore,

If you want a scissors with a screw with nut system so that they do not misalign of forged stainless steel, these are the ideal carving scissors.