Poultry scissors carving forged


Poultry scissors forged for carving with nut system. Its long and ribbed handles along with its curved blade, facilitate entry through the wings of the poultry to be able to carve them easily. Its notch at the beginning of the cut allows to retain and cut the poultry bones. Made in Solingen, Germany.

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Poultry scissors carving forged stainless Steel

Stainless steel forged poultry carving scissors manufactured in Solingen, Germany by Robert company with a nut shaft system with counter nut that prevents the scissor blades from opening with greater precision when cutting any type of chicken.
These stainless steel poultry carving scissors are suitable for cutting poultry meat and their notch at the end of the blade is designed to fit and cut bird bones. Opening system by helicoidal spring and closing system by stainless steel lower ring.

Do you know our olive wood carving sets, stag horn and ivory micarta of Simón Selección Madrid? The olive root wood has the particularity of not having varnishes or waxes as a coating in our products, with which a natural color and touch is achieved together with the general warmth of natural woods, incredible smell of olive oil!

If you wish to order a Japanese knife model Takohiki, we work with the original knives of the certified SukiSan knifemaker made with magnolia wood handle and buffalo horn bolster made of authentic Aogami super blue steel valid for cutting octopus, making sashimi cuts of clean fish loins but also valid to laminate Iberian sausage as sausage loin


Product detail:

Made in: Germany Francia
Make of: Stainless steel forged.
Width: 50 millimeters.
Total length: 255 millimeters.
Weight: 365 grams.
Warranty: 25 years.


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