Simón PRO Forjado Kitchen Knives

First of all, Simón PRO Forjado kitchen Knives, we have a selection of more than twenty models of different kitchen knives. Therefore,

These kitchen knives are made from integral forged steel, with dishwasher-safe black fiber handles with symmetrical recess blades. So,

If you want to buy durable forged kitchen knives with handles that won’t damage if you put them in the dishwasher, these are ideal. Then

One of the best kitchen knives in integral forged steel without welding can be found in the Simón PRO Forjado series of chef’s knives and also,

Our series of hand-sharpened Simón PRO Forjado includes stitched and reinforced leather sheaths. To end,

As a novelty, we have ultra-flexible, narrow-bladed and classic-bladed fish slicing knives made of hardened and tempered steel.