Simón PRO Forjado utility knife fluted


Simón PRO Forjado utility knife 15cm blade fluted light and strong thanks to its one-piece union bolster between the blade and the handle, stitched and reinforced brown leather sheath included.

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Simón PRO Forjado utility knife fluted with leather sheath

Kitchen knife for vegetables made in Spain in one-piece forged steel with bolster to improve the balance and robustness of the 15-centimeter knife fluted ideal for cutting vegetables or laminating small sausages. Brown leather sheath stiched and reinforced included.

This kitchen knife is fully balanced and its carbon content in the alloy is greater than 0.60% for a good quality of cut and better edge retention, very important aspects in a kitchen knife for its durability and good performance, its handle, made of special fibers in black suitable for dishwasher, have three matte polished metal ribets.

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Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged stinless steel.
Leather sheath: Included.
Blade length: 150 milimeters.
Length: 257 milimeters.
Weight: 115 grams.
Warranty 25 years.



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