Utility knives

First of all, utility knives, we have a variety of knives made in Spain and Japan made with forged steel with high carbon content, therefore,

We have knives of this shape made with a honeycomb blade to prevent food from adhering to the blade,

with the typical curved blade at the tip, as a result,

These knives are ideal for eating steaks, slicing tomatoes or cutting vegetables on the table, thanks to its fluted blade, its shape and the width of its blade, for,

Have a handy but not too large knife to use at the table or on a cutting board. So if you want a multi-purpose table knife,

We recommend that you purchase a utility knife, there are models from the Simón PRO Forged series,

with a black fiber handle suitable for dishwashers and also,

From the Simón PRO Micarta series of knives with ivory linen micarta handle, which are also dishwasher safe but are polished for a better grip, and finally,

Our Simón Damascus Japan knife made of damascus steel with a hammered finish with an octagonal walnut wood handle.

Forged steel knives made in Spain and Japan with walnut wood handles, black fiber and polished ivory linen micarta.