Cheese knife Simón Gourmet


Simón Gourmet Classic knife model eating cheese of 16 centimeters of blade of the series of kitchen knives Simón Gourmet Classic with black fiber handles with openwork blade and handsharpened with wáter ceramic stone.

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Knife eat cheese Simón Gourmet Classic openwork blade

Knife model to eat cheese with openwork blade made in Spain in tempered steel with thermal process for a steel good resistance with normalized and subsequent grinding for the balancing of the blades and the knife.

This model kitchen knife for eating cheese with a cut-out blade to prevent the cheese from sticking is ideal for cutting all kinds of cheeses and more specifically buttery from a wedge of cheese to be able to eat it with your fork at the end. Its blade is hand-sharpened with Japanese ceramic whetstones for superlative cutting quality. An authentic Spanish cheese knife made in Albacete.


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If you want to know which sharpening system is best to keep your kitchen knives sharp at home or at work, please visit our blog at Simón Collection where we explain in detail our recommendation for both stones and sharpening steels.


Product detail:

Made in: Spain Francia
Made of: Forged stinless steel.
Leather sheath: Not included.
Blade length: 160 milímeters.
Length: 272 milímeters.
Weight: 110 grams.
Warranty 25 years.


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